Solution in Food Process | History & Heritage
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History & Heritage


With years of experience in the food supply industry and a strong love for high quality food and beverages, we started Mayralab as a young and energetic group of entrepreneurs with a mission to spread our passion for gourmet food across the globe. With a small factory of 1,700 square feet, Mayralab was born, targeting a production output of 500kg per month.

Within the same years, as we grew along with the business, we developed the brand “Catcher” to increase awareness of our presence in the food industry.


Getting the HALAL certificate from Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia(JAKIM) in December 2013 was a further affirmation of our GMP practise in the Malaysian food scene. The had spurred our company’s growth with the aid of of continuous improvement in our operation plant, expanding overseas to China, followed by Vietnam and Singapore. With a strong and aggressive marketing team, this was the year Mayralab established awareness of Catcher in the region.


As we continued to make known Catcher’s name across the region, we expanded the production space to three time the size of the previous factory, increasing the production output to 2000kg per month.

In an effort to place our brand in an outstanding position in a competitive industry, we re branded “Catcher” and named it “Catcher Gourmet”, while expanding the product line to include liquid products alongside the existing premixed powders. That was an effort to break out of the monopolised segmentation in the food industry, and it was extremely important to us to stand out among the big players in the field.


As part of our commitment to manufacture and distribute only products of the highest quality to our consumers, we signed a partnership with JDE, the second largest coffee roaster in the world, to enhance Mayralab’s products line. All our offerings are hygienic, safe, nutritious, and meets the stringent requirements by Malaysia’s Food Act 1983 and Food Regulations 1985. Not forgetting, of course, the most important drive behind our constant innovation: the ever changing trends and tastes of our customers and consumers.


With a solid base in Malaysia and our neighboring countries, and a factory running at maximum output capacity, we decided to venture further in 2017, and expanded to south Korea, where aromatic scents and flavours waft through every street. This expansion marked Mayralab’s successful penetration into the higher tiers of the world of gourmet, as the people of South Korea were no strangers to high standards in all areas of life.

What to expect

As the world grows more and more health conscious, we at Mayralab are also taking a dive into the world of health and fitness. Consumers can now expect a new line of protein powders and various health products to join the market, which look just as good as they’re going to taste.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.